Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Easy Does It

Got home from Todd's wedding in New Orleans about 2:30AM on Monday and started working on my bike yesterday. Made some pretty decent progress last night and thanks to Hunter and Rob I was able to get the motor in the new frame last night and even got the rear wheel set up. Tonight I'll do the front end and it'll be a roller. Might do the rear brake stay tonight so I can be done with all the wheel/brake stuff. Had to get a bunch of new motor mount bolts last night because they're all too long when you change frames. I still need a chromed octagon or skinny horseshoe oil tank and I'm probably gonna go with an electronic ignition to get rid of a bunch of the stock wiring. I also have to figure out how to wire the electric start because I've never wired a bike from the ground up with e-start before. Anyway, its coming along. Should be spending lots of time at the garage over the next few weeks.






  1. It's off an old triumph I think. I had to radius it a little and I still need to cut some of it off but I think its gonna work out pretty well. Still gotta find an oil tank, though.